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Kraken's Embrace - Blueberry Green Tea - 2oz

Kraken's Embrace - Blueberry Green Tea - 2oz

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An ocean breeze gently sprays your face. The gentle sway of your schooner beckons you to sleep. But you know the sea is unforgiving. You know you'll need your wits about you for what lurks just beneath the surface. This blend of Sencha green tea is punctuated with notes of blueberry and peppermint to give you strength and keep you alert. The Kraken is stirring, seeking unsuspecting sailors. Will you turn back? Or embrace its call?

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  • Sencha Green Tea
  • Dried Blueberries
  • Butterfly Peaflower
  • Blueberry Extract
  • Peppermint

Steeping Instructions

1. Measure 1-2 teaspoons per 8oz (225g) of water
2. Heat water to 175℉ (80℃)
3. Steep 1-2 minutes
4. Optional: Add a squeeze of lemon juice to change colors to pink!

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Customer Reviews

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Lovely tea!

I picked some of this tea up at a renfaire and I’ve absolutely loved it! I love it cold with a touch of blueberry honey and it’s fantastic! I couldn’t recommend it more! I’ve cleared the bag already, I’ve only had it about nine days. I can’t wait to pick up some more!!
I really recommend cold brewing it if you like cold teas, it’s super easy and makes getting into this type of tea pretty easy!

Alex Mullins
New favorite tea

I’ve just started getting into tea and was so excited to find this one! I wasn’t too sure about green tea as I’d just been making it from store bought bags at the wrong temperature and it was never very good. But I’d tried some from another company and thought this sounded like a great blend. It’s my new favorite and I’ve had it pretty much every morning since it arrived. It’s a gorgeous blue-green after brewing and an even more gorgeous purple after adding the lemon juice. Already planning to order more when I run out, which I fear will be pretty soon, but highly recommend to anyone looking for a great green tea!

Michael Brasher
Krakens Embrace

I absolutely love this tea it's one of my favorites. I make it every game night because everyone enjoys it. Don't even need to add sugar, it's naturally sweet with the blueberry. Add lemon juice and watch it change color from a blue to pink. So cool

Angel B
Excellent Green Tea

Wonderful blend that replaced my usual green tea and has become my go-to morning drink. Love how it changes color naturally and how smooth it is to drink. If they have a sale, I stock up on this tea. Delicious!

Afiya N.

The prettiest and most delicious tea that I have tried. Iced is the best way to enjoy it in my opinion. My favorite part was adding a tiny bit of lemon and see it magically change colors!